About iRadeo

We started iRadeo because we wanted to provide a simple audio streaming solution that was accessible to anyone, but was still rich enough in features for more sophisticated users. And we didn’t think you should need an IT degree to use it.

Sure, there are other podcast hosting and online radio services out there. But we're the only one that offers unlimited stations with unlimited listeners for any type of audio streaming: radio shows, podcasts, music streaming, lectures, church messages, and anything else you can think of. If you record it, we stream it.

We also packed our player with customization features that truly make your station your own. Colors and playback options. Download and purchase capability. RSS feeds. Listener feedback support. It’s all there with a click, helping you easily reach and engage listeners anywhere in the world without needing special technical skills.

Who It's For
iRadeo is an all-in-one audio streaming solution. Our platform is easy to implement and scalable, with a variety of plans based on the amount of audio you publish. No matter what your message is, iRadeo provides a powerful way to deliver it to your audience, no matter how big or small. If you create audio or live content, we can help you get it out into the world:

  1. Public services & politics
  2. Education and academia
  3. Entertainment
  4. News
  5. Marketing and publicity
  6. Music
  7. Health
  8. Religious organizations

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